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Collage creation has never been easier.

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Collage Patterns

I’ve used TurboCollage for all sorts of projects -- greeting cards, posters, contact sheets and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it is!

We have been using it for about 6 months now and it’s really a great tool for a photo studio like ours. This lets us create great promotional pieces and event posters. Our customers love them and ask for more. We love being able to pick a folder worth of photos and then just being able to dump them into TurboCollage and with a bit of massaging, you’ve got a poster!

I am a graphic designer and TurboCollage is super handy when  putting a group of images into a print-out. It replaces any need I had for Adobe Bridge or any other Contact Sheet generator.

I am a web and graphic designer by trade. I could certainly do this kind of thing via Photoshop or InDesign but it would take me a bit more to set up the various templates in these programs to match what this could do.

TurboCollage is a great program - extremely easy to use and you get a great output. I created a beautiful collage of my niece’s high school years, printed it on a poster sized paper and framed it. It is beautiful and she loves it. I can’t say enough about how much fun this program is, you can hit shuffle a bunch of times and see different configurations of your photos, build scrapbooks, set different backgrounds, drop shadow easily, and add text. Fun fun fun!


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Rollo Tomassi

B Travis


Eagle Ridger

Regular Pile

A set of pictures randomly sprinkled on a background.

Advanced Pile

A pile where each picture can be a particular shape such as a circle, square, hexagon etc.

Picture Grid

A set of pictures arranged in a regular grid arrangement with rows and columns.


A mosaic arranges pictures in a random grid.

Center Frame

A mosaic with a prominent center picture.

Zig Mosaic

A mosaic where each element is not necessarily rectangular.


A set of photos arranged in beehive pattern.

7 amazing patterns, thousands of exciting possibilities of photo arrangements.

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