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Make a Collage with Photos Shaped as Hexagons

by TurboCollage Team

Make Hexagon Collage

Hexagons are often called nature’s perfect shape because they naturally appear in so many places — beehive honeycombs, molecular structures etc. They are amazingly eye-catching and perfect for your photo collages!

How much time do you think would it take to make a photo collage similar to the one above?

With TurboCollage, it would take a couple of minutes and no design expertise to make such a hexagon collage. 

This post will show you how to make 2 types of hexagon collages — freeform like the one above and regular hexagon collage. 

Here're some sample hexagon collages you can make: 

Freeform hexagon collage - 1
Regular hexagon collage - 1
Freeform hexagon collage - 2
Regular hexagon collage - 2

Before we get started, download and install TurboCollage. It takes less than a minute to download and complete the installation. Download here.

Make a Freeform Hexagon Collage

A freeform collage can have different sized pictures that can overlap each other.

Make Freeform Hexagon Collage

1. Open TurboCollage and set your collage to use the Advanced Pile pattern.

Step 1: Select Advanced Pile Pattern

2. Add pictures and select a hexagon shape for all the photos. In the above sample collage, we also turn the shadows off.

Step 2: add pictures and select hexagon shape

Note that you can select from either of the following hexagon shapes.

Hexagon shapes

3. Re-position and resize pictures to get your layout. Learn more about making a collage of shapes here.

Tweet This Freeform Hexagon Collage Making Method

Make a Regular Hexagon Collage

A regular hexagon collage arranges pictures in a fixed pattern of equal-sized cells. It is possible to keep some cells empty to develop some fresh photo arrangements. You can use the hexagon shape shown in either of the two sample images below.

Freeform hexagon collage
Freeform hexagon collage

1. Open TurboCollage and set your collage to use the Photohive pattern and Hexagon shape.

Step 1: Use Photohive pattern with Hexagon shape

2. Add pictures to your collage. You can increase or decrease the number of hexagonal positions or choose to keep some of the hexagons empty to create cool photo effects.

Step 2: Add pictures

3. If you want, you can use the hexagon shape as shown in the screenshot below. (available in v7.2.1 and later)

Placeholder Picture

Want to see the above in action?  Here's a video:

Tweet This Regular Hexagon Collage Making Method

Don’t forget to email your comments and suggestions to apps@silkenmermaid.com


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Download and install TurboCollage for free — it will take less than a minute to download and complete the installation.


TurboCollage comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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TurboCollage comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.